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Skin Care & Facials

It is so important to take care of your skin! You will feel better, look better, and portray a more confident and positive outlook. You deserve to pamper yourself and feel beautiful in your own skin!

  • Your skin doesn’t have to show all the lines of aging.

  • Your skin can look and feel more youthful!

  • Detox after traveling. Having a facial after traveling is imperative to maintaining ultimate skin care.

  • Health benefits go further than the appearance of your skin with facial message techniques using specific pressure points which bring cleansing and healing to your body as well.

My Most Requested Facials

All facials begin with a luxurious foot treatment and massage!

Vital Defense Facial

An anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and anti-pollutant treatment. Great for those with uneven complexions and wishing to decongest the skin. One hour, 15 minutes ~ $95 

Vital Elastine Facial

A beautiful anti-wrinkle treatment facial –  an intense resurfacing fruit acid facial treatment that smooths and softens to reduce wrinkles. One & half hours ~ $130 

Excellence Code Facial

A top of the line facial experience using YONKA products. Perfect for mature skin.  Excellence Code is an exceptional anti-aging treatment. With a double deep exfoliation, specialized draining techniques, specific YONKA anti-aging energy point and massage. Offers an exclusive bio-cellulose mask infused with an intense concentrate to reprogram the rejuvenation of mature skin cells. One and a half hours. ~ $130

I am certified to provide unique European Facials using natural essential oils featuring YONKA Skin Care.  I have always been fascinated with skin care and the relationship that it can have to help people feel good, bringing to you a sense of well-being and balance.  What I truly love to do is introduce, educate, and help clients maintain proper home care in conjunction with spa treatments specific to their individual skin care needs.  It is very gratifying to see the transformation of a client’s skin.  My goal is to provide professional skin care on a personal level and have you floating out.


Gift certificates are available for your favorite people, celebrating them and their special days!
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